A Backpack That Is Comfortable, Looks Great and Can Hold Everything You Own...

by Patricia Fisher | 12/07/2024

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Find out why thousands from students to businessmen are already wearing it across the continent are hailing it as the ideal backpack.

Are you struggling to fit all your things into the bag, and even more to pull them all out? Are those old backpack straps digging into your shoulders? Do you have to own three of them so they fit your different outfits? Well then you’re in luck, this new backpack solves all those issues and more.

Let’s face it. Backpack design hasn’t changed in the last half century. You can choose between a bulky uncomfortable bag with lots of plastic decorations and cartoon characters, the same bulky uncomfortable bag but without the cartoon characters, small ones that look nice but nothing actually fits in them or absolutely massive 90L travel bags.

All other backpacks are basically just a variation on these designs with more or less features that you probably never use anyway.

This is where the new startup comes in, with a new backpack that seeks to solve all these gripes and please literally everyone.

An ambitious goal. Does it succeed? Read on to find out.

The Greatest Backpack in History?

They call it the Luxe BackPack, and it’s the culmination of years of design and innovation, all coming together in one surprisingly compact form to create what the company calls: “The greatest backpack in history”.

Company boasting aside, it clearly has had quite a lot of thought put into it. Ergonomic straps, pockets for every item you might ever use, even a usb port for easier charging. It truly is a Swiss army knife of a backpack. And it somehow manages to have all that while still being so sturdy, a thief could try to cut it with a knife and fail miserably.

Both on paper and in reality it looks quite impressive, our poor laptop carrying backs could definitely use some help, so we took it for a spin.

The spin:

So let’s just start off with saying, this backpack really surprised us. Like really, we were expecting just another glorified laptop sleeve with straps.

Firstly the actual design. Research had shown that making an overly stylish bag actually negatively affects both sales as well as safety. Because the more elaborate the design the more likely it is to clash with outfits and the more attention it draws from potential pickpockets. The solution? A bag that is stylish, but neutral, with minimalist design to make blend seamlessly into your look, and into the crowd.

Next, the pockets compartments. We have never seen a bag with so many special and hidden pockets that didn’t do it at the expense of over storage space, but no, this bag has both the needed laptop slot as well as a total of 19L of capacity. The small easy to reach pockets for all your essentials you might need to access quickly definitely save you on rummaging  time.

And lastly, just how amazing the straps are. Designed ergonomically to distribute weight evenly, it doesn’t dig into your shoulders and your back barely feels the weight compared to what we thought was normal.

So to summarize what makes the Luxe BackPack so remarkable:

✅ Neutral, minimalist yet stylish look, allowing it to be paired with any outfit and not stand out in a crowd of subway-goers as a potential target.

Massive 19L capacity

Dedicated pockets for earphones, wallet and passport, change, a fleece lined sunglasses pocket and even a USB port for easy charging.

Dedicated padded laptop slot.

Anti-theft design

Luggage strap to slide it on a suitcase handle when traveling.

✅ High quality and durable materials, weather resistant and tamper resistant.

We actually tried to simulate some pickpocket scenarios and all failed miserably to get anything out of the bag no matter how hard they tried.

Now you must be thinking, ok, it’s good, but what about the price? It’ll probably cost a hefty premium to get the best backpack in the world, right? Well, no. The global launch of the Luxe BackPack is coming with a massive 50% discount and free worldwide shipping!

The Luxe BackPack is definitely the finest we’ve seen. It seems the company’s boast about “the greatest backpack in history” are not empty. In fact it seems to actually live up to it. Will it remain the best forever? It’s too soon to tell.

What is certain is that this is an absolutely brilliant product that we and our backs wholeheartedly endorse. Get it quick while it’s on sale.

Conclusion: is the Luxe BackPack worth it?

In short. Yes. In long, Yes, it absolutely is. It is really hard to find a backpack that does just one of the things the Luxe BackPack does, let alone at this asking price. If you’re tired of sore shoulders, having a cluttered bag and always having to look over your shoulder in case of someone try to swipe something out of it, you should definitely get the Luxe BackPack. Get it while it’s still on sale.

Where I Can Get The Luxe BackPack?

Now that you know you don’t have to compromise on any part of your backpack, you must be itching to get one, so here’re the simple steps:

    1. We recommend ordering an original Luxe BackPack from the official website here.
    2. Put your stuff in, put it on and never have to worry about back pain or digging endlessly to look for your headphones ever again.

“I’ve had neck and upper back pain for years now and I was pretty much resigned to using a trolley suitcase before I got this bag. It is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my back, it’s amazing. 10/10. My shoulders thank you.”

“Good heavens have you ever tried traveling with a regular backpack? I can barely fit all my things into the old one so I had to go around with a backpack, my big suitcase and another side bag. It was a mess. This one though, everything fits inside, it’s all well-ordered and I can even put it on the handle during those long walks at the airport. Why did it take so long for someone to make this?”

“I have a confession. I was still using the same backpack I used in high school. It was pink and flowery and I loved it but you can’t exactly walk into the corporate office with one of those, unfortunately. My husband got me this new backpack and it just hit me how much quality of life I was missing in my day to day life without it. It’s great. And no one gives me weird looks for wearing it to merger meetings.”

Special Offer

TIP: The discount means that Luxe BackPack is selling out fast right now. We highly recommend placing your order fast before the discount ends!